Salt-worn textures and the changing light of the sea inspire Sarah’s work.

Drawn to manmade objects in natural settings – a lone boat adrift in the sea or a cottage marooned on the moors – Sarah’s paintings begin with a black mono print. This form of printing develops as it happens, producing spontaneous results and allowing an element of freedom to enter the composition. She then works over the mono print with acrylics, which bring a flatness and opacity of colour to the picture.
After two and a half years travelling through southeast Asia and Australia, painting, filling sketchbooks and taking photographs, Sarah continues to take inspiration from them. The intensity of Asia’s colours and the quality of Australian light has had a lasting impact.
Sarah has worked in film and TV as a prop maker and set decorator, working on various Hollywood feature films and BBC costume dramas.
She makes her own frames, often from found and drift wood, allowing painting and frames to draw from, and inspire, each other.

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