“My paintings are inspired by the gentle hills and tumbling, spilling, flowers that sing outside my studio, nestled deep in the folds of Devon” 
Meadows and trees – and the riot of colour they create through the changing seasons – surround Yvonne’s studio and are the subject of much, though not all, of her work.
Seduced by colour, her palette is blazing and lyrical by turns, with hot and vibrant hues inspired by the many journeys she has made—to the Middle East, Australia, Africa and Europe. Yvonne almost always works outside, so howling gales, gentle breezes, lacy ice and scorching sunshine are also great influences.
“Painting for me is a love affair. I’m passionate about it. It grips my heart tightly and I yearn for it when I’m away.
“I work intuitively, allowing the image to emerge and unravel. My work is a celebration of the joy and purity of the human spirit, and embraces all that is magical.”

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