LEFF Amsterdam Felt 35 Clock



As the name suggests each LEFF Amsterdam Felt 35 Clock has a 35cm diameter and its depth is 6.8cm. The unique design of the clock adds texture and interest to a space and you can position it anywhere throughout your home from the dining room to the bedroom and even the bathroom or kitchen.

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Product Description

Utilising very unusual materials not traditionally associated with clock making, the LEFF Amsterdam Felt 35 Clock has been designed by Sebastian Hernker in a truly unique and original way. Its felt construction has a sustainable element as it is made from 60% Recycled PET, creating an environmentally friendly and supremely stylish timepiece for your home.

The Felt Clock is seriously eye-catching and stands out from your regular range of wall clocks, with its distinctive textured appearance. It is a striking example of contemporary design perfection.

SKU: LEF101.